Can You Become Love? BE Love?

By: Zarine Dadachanji
Teacher & Facilitator for Gong Meditations and Energy Healings

become love

Most of us look to others to love us. Alternately, we look to identify ourselves by loving someone. These are basic human beliefs, teachings and strategies to achieve happiness.

What if we change our thought patterns from: “I need someone to love Me.” and “I need someone to love.” to “I Am Love”? Once you make that change, life changes.

Whether you are single, married or in a relationship, you can be free and totally whole within yourself. It becomes so easy then, to be love. When you are love, you do not depend on anybody. Love becomes a facet of you, a quality, it is with you wherever you go, in whatever you do.

With your partner, you love your partner. With your children, you love your children. When you are in nature, you love nature. Whether you are alone, or with someone, you continue to love yourself. Love is you, your soul, your very being. YOU ARE LOVE.

Love is who you are. The more you love, the more your soul expands….So ask yourself this: “Am I able to become love?” and in each given moment, before you speak, or initiate an action, ask: “What would love do?” Follow your heart. The heart-mind has a wider electromagnetic field that the brain.

Health and well-being stem from a clear heart. When the heart is free from all past regrets, and all worries about the future, it is clean, clear. It has no blocks, no fears. It is filled with only LOVE. So make the shift from fear to Love today. That is when you are free. You are open. You become a channel for the Light to flow through and heal others. It is truly so simple.


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