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Your baby’s first boxed collection edition!

Boynton’s Greatest Hits: Volume 1

By Sandra Boynton (Author & Illustrator)

This four-book set would make an awesome starter set for your babe.  Illustrations are clear and it can easily be differentiated from other baby books. Mums and dads will be entertained at the words, and would gladly oblige to their child’s curiosity. As the little ones grow, the book will definitely grow on them too. Topics are diverse such as colours and types of clothing, parts of the body and even animal sounds.

Boynton’s Greatest Hits: Volume 2

By Sandra Boynton (Author & Illustrator)

It is indeed a… Continue reading

Tangled Ever After, Bubble Guppies and more!

New & upcoming DVD & Blu-ray releases

Tangled Ever After

Directed by Nathan Greno and Byron Howard

It’s the royal wedding not to be missed! Following the discovery that Rapunzel is the missing princess and the transformation of Flynn into her ‘knight in shining armour’, an engagement and subsequent matrimonial ceremony is in order. But is Max, the ‘royal steed’, and Pascal, the loyal chameleon, up for the challenge to save the day?!

Adventure Time: Complete First Season (2010)

Parents commend Cartoon Network’s top comedy show and Emmy-nominated series about the post apocalyptic adventures of Finn and his friend Jake.… Continue reading

Adorable hide-and-seek

One of the funniest encounters I have regularly with my little one Davaughn is the fun game of “Hide and Seek.” At the age of 2 and a couple months, he believes his hiding tactics are all so intelligent that perhaps he is the founder of the game! As I begin counting and exclaim “Where is Davaughhhhhn?” I hear an echo “Here, here Mummy!” His little twinkle toes stick out from the curtain, his reflection on the balcony all so clear and his hair, shirt and pants all so visible as the curtains don’t completely cover him in front of… Continue reading

Vivacious Slimming Spa & Beauty Centre

The Vivacious Slimming Spa & Beauty Centre is the perfect destination for ladies who wish these three elements for their pampering treatment: spa, salon and privacy.  Upon entering the salon, Darine Hounaine noticed how nicely scented the place is and how if offers a light vibe with green and white colours. She was offered with tea and snacks prior to proceeding to her treatment. What she noticed was that treatment rooms as well as salon areas were clustered into small rooms which are very inviting for women who prefer privacy even when having their hair done.

She first had… Continue reading

Al Qasr Hotel

Designed to reflect a Sheikh’s summer residence, the Al Qasr Hotel is set to make guests feel like an Arabian royalty with its glitz and glamour – Middle Eastern style! The decorations, colour motif speaks of both luxury and heritage. Restaurants were located on various levels of the place. The lamps and balcony offered a touch of ‘homey feel’ to it. The furnishings in the rooms are delicate and exquisite. Stepping out to the pool and beach area, a new realm welcomes families altogether. The Sinbad’s Kids Club offers complimentary activities with its very own kid’s pool complete with Jumeirah’s… Continue reading

Creekside Restaurant, Sheraton Dubai Creek

If you are out with friends and looking for a place to have fresh seafood fiesta, this is one destination you can consider. The view of the Dubai Creek, with the dhows sailing by, is such a pleasing sight. From oysters, shrimps, mussels, and fishes are on showcase, selections are updated depending on the availability of the bounty of the sea. The chef can then grill or cook it into Tepanyaki according to your taste. Sushi and barbecue are also a must-try. The manager was hands on with the guests – a plus point for their service.

Top tip: May not be a destination for a romantic dinner with your hubby, but it is definitely a place to ‘chill’ with friends.

For more information and bookings, call 04 207 1750

Advisory from Golden Beach Nursery: First camp experience for your kids!

Golden Beach Nursery summer camp includes a wide range of creative indoor and outdoor activities, with time to explore and discover, to play and make friends. To keep cool, we will have outdoor water play with sprinklers and hoses and building activities at our sandpit. Our camp is designed for children 2 years to  5 years.

Our Schedule includes free and structured play, arts & crafts, French, music, cooking, water play, ballet, martial arts ,  gymnastics and various outdoor activities. The goal of summer nursery camp is to provide a stimulating experience where children interact with each other,… Continue reading

Favourite birthday party at Favourite Things

Make your child’s dream come true with Favourite Things’ party favours. A dedicated party room and a team that will take care of the ‘magic’ are on top of the signature excitement this children’s centre brings – face and body painting, play area access, and more! Special features may likewise be included in the package such as magic show, cupcake decoration and piñata!

For more information, call 04 434 1984 or visit