Charity’s Angel: Dr Erica Edwards

Dr Erica Edwards has a heart-warming, holistic approach in life: She heals (as a dentist), she feeds and satisfies (as an entrepreneur), and she serves with all her heart as a staunch supporter of charities.   Her bakeshop, Scrumptious Bakes, is one of the organisers of the 4th Walk Now for Autism project which was held […]

The Jean Sasson Anthologies

Mayada: Daughter of Iraq From the bestselling author of the Princess Trilogy comes Mayada: Daughter of Iraq that tells the story of one woman’s survival in Saddam Hussein’s torture jail. Jean Sasson writes about Mayada, a member of one of the most distinguished Iraqi families. Growing up surrounded by riches and prestige, she had little […]

Your baby’s first boxed collection edition!

Boynton’s Greatest Hits: Volume 1 By Sandra Boynton (Author & Illustrator) This four-book set would make an awesome starter set for your babe.  Illustrations are clear and it can easily be differentiated from other baby books. Mums and dads will be entertained at the words, and would gladly oblige to their child’s curiosity. As the […]

Adorable hide-and-seek

One of the funniest encounters I have regularly with my little one Davaughn is the fun game of “Hide and Seek.” At the age of 2 and a couple months, he believes his hiding tactics are all so intelligent that perhaps he is the founder of the game! As I begin counting and exclaim “Where […]

Vivacious Slimming Spa & Beauty Centre

The Vivacious Slimming Spa & Beauty Centre is the perfect destination for ladies who wish these three elements for their pampering treatment: spa, salon and privacy.  Upon entering the salon, Darine Hounaine noticed how nicely scented the place is and how if offers a light vibe with green and white colours. She was offered with […]

Al Qasr Hotel

Designed to reflect a Sheikh’s summer residence, the Al Qasr Hotel is set to make guests feel like an Arabian royalty with its glitz and glamour – Middle Eastern style! The decorations, colour motif speaks of both luxury and heritage. Restaurants were located on various levels of the place. The lamps and balcony offered a […]