UAE school fees hike: What does it mean for YOUR kids’ school?

As the new school year starts, Mother, Baby and Child looks at what increased school fees announced this year could mean for your children’s education

According to rules brought in by Dubai’s Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) some schools in the emirate have been allowed to increase their fees by up to 6.42% for the academic year 2016-2017.

UAE school fees hike: What does it mean for YOUR kids' school?

The school fees increase is linked to the school ranking system:

  • The 16 schools ranked ‘Outstanding’ by the Dubai School Inspection Bureau (DSIB) can raise their fees by up to 6.42%
  • The 13 schools rated ‘Very Good’ by DSIB can raise their fees by 5.61%
  • The 56 schools rated ‘Acceptable’ or ‘Poor’ are allowed to raise their fees by 3.21%

Meanwhile, in the capital, the Abu Dhabi Education Council has approved the increase of schools fees at 51 institutions for the academic year ahead.  According to the Council, the affected schools will see a 6% rise in tuition fees.

According to Gulf News, some parents have questioned why schools in the UAE should be allowed to increase their fees without clear evidence that they are improving the service offered: “The increase has come without any real rise in the quality of service,” Raza Ur Rahman, a mother who works as a financial controller in the UAE told the newspaper. Meanwhile, other parents have expressed concern about their ability to afford to pay for all their children, whilst some parents have said they will consider moving back home to educate their children.

What are your thoughts on the increase? Share your opinion below.

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