Celebrate Yourself!

By: Bharti Varma

celebrate life

It is easy to get caught up in our busy lifestyles with routines that define our days and, in many ways, our lives. It is also not uncommon for many of us to start building our identities based on what we do or practice daily: “I am an entrepreneur.”, “I am a homemaker.” “I am a doctor, lawyer, full-time mum…” and the list goes on.

But sometimes, in the midst of this action, we can find ourselves a little lost, perhaps even in a place where we do not recognise or feel at one with who we really are! The silver lining to this heaviness is the opportunity to realign and celebrate yourself.

I will share with you two simple exercises which can empower you to be at the fullness of who you are!

1. Positive Vibration: This will take 5 minutes: Get into bed and start off with the positive things you have experienced in the morning and slowly narrow into the present moment. “Thank you for the support, the people, the coffee, the body, the breathing, the bed, the pillow” – everything that you can be grateful for – acknowledge it getting closer to the present moment. This will keep you in the space of receiving and balance while you sleep and when you wake up in the morning.

2. Sacred-Time: Set aside 15-30 minutes every day for yourself with no agenda, just a window to do whatever you feel like at that time. Honour yourself in that moment, feeling the pulse of who you are – do not plan anything for this special time – let it unfold as you align with your inner being.

These simple ways can unlock the doors to your evolving self!

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