Change is Life’s Act of Love

By: Kaya Peters

Change is Life's Act of Love
When life finally starts to remotely resemble “normal” and the job, kids, family, etc. start to play nice; would it not be better if things could just stay that way forever? Not always.

Change is like that trip to the doctor’s office to get a shot when you were young. It caused distress and made you feel betrayed but in the end, was actually good for you. But change does not have to be that way.

Believe it or not, life is always trying to push us towards growth and progress! But we love the status quo and will kill ourselves, pull our hair out and overstress ourselves with all sorts of schemes in order to put a stop to “improvement.” This resistance forces the magic to take much longer and makes our entire journey simply miserable!

The first step is trust: that amazing things lie ahead if only we allow life to take us there. Next is to enjoy the ride of change that it takes you on. How can you do that? Often times, the blindfold leading up to the proposal is even more thrilling than the proposal itself. Practice “Mindfulness,” by shifting all attention away from “YOU” and instead focus only on “WHAT” is happening. It is no longer: “I feel so worried because I have to update my job skills!” but “I am happy. And there are job skills to update.”

Are you experiencing change right now? Then you have a chance to feel one of the most beautiful feelings life can give. Close your eyes, breathe deeply and say: “I am in bliss. There is change.”

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