Covering All Your Beauty Bases

Is There a One-Stop Solution to Beauty Woes?

“They were asking me if I had lost weight as I looked incredible; I had actually gained three kilograms, but was looking better than ever. My body looks even better NOW than it did before my two pregnancies. Can you believe that?”

Covering All Your Beauty Bases

Pilates instructor Roshi Ross’ words echoed in my mind. I remembered every calorie label I had gone through, the early morning gym appointments, the empty multivitamin bottles – an endless quest for the perfect body was no easy feat.

But she had made it look so easy, with a contouring-free, naturally beautiful complexion and the confidence to match, this was a woman who knew what she was doing when it came to putting on your best foot, literally, forward.

Originally a stylist and makeup artist, Roshi later decided to study Pilates and become an instructor. A self-proclaimed expert on everything glamorous, the now health and beauty consultant at the Al Barsha-based Roshi Ross studio talks to Mother, Baby & Child about how women can live healthily, reach their ideal body image and make sure they have every beauty base…covered.

  • How has your experience as a stylist and makeup artist inspired you to pursue one more thing to help women become more beautiful?

I have over 20 years of hair and makeup experience and over ten years of Pilates training experience, so it is quite balanced. Firstly, I have always been very active and fit throughout my entire life. Prior to teaching Pilates, I spent many years going to professional Pilates classes and, with time, I noticed that these weekly classes added something more to my overall appearance and confidence.

  • Why did you become so passionate about Pilates, and how is it that you believe it can help women?

I believe that a beautiful woman needs to be healthy and in shape. Pilates gives a more effective outcome to the overall confidence of a woman’s persona. You can have a bad hair day or not be wearing any makeup, but if you are walking with good posture and have a fit body which is toned and strong with all the right curves in the right places, you will automatically feel more feminine and attract positive energy around you.

I am passionate about Pilates because it connects you to your core. It enhances your beauty on so many levels and layers. It is always a fun type of exercise because there are so many different routines and it has a lot of simplicity attached to it. I believe that simplicity is key to a woman’s beauty and self-confidence.

The confident, strong woman is fierce and not afraid to let her personality shine through her inner and outer beauty. When you are in love with your body, you are happy and at peace with everything around you. My body looks even better NOW than it did before my two pregnancies. Can you believe that?

  • You support pretty unconventional exercising methods; the DisQ and Mini Trampoline, what exactly do they do?

The variety of exercises I offer such as Mini Trampoline, Disq Training, Resistance Training and Reformer Pilates bring a twist to daily routines. Life becomes more exciting, challenging and motivating. It makes you realise that you need to keep aiming for more.

The benefits of Disq Training:

  • Gives you more resistance
  • Tones your body more effectively
  • Strengthens your core and gives you good posture

The benefits of the Mini Trampoline:

  • Cleans your lymphatics
  • Great for blood circulation
  • Works against gravity and gives you a face lift
  • Brings your blood pressure down
  • Balances your cholesterol
  • Boosts your immune system + energy levels
  • Makes you lose weight faster
  • Strengthens your G forces (all body joints)

We believe in a balance between Mind and Body, in the simple, easy route to beauty and in how beauty in itself always relates to health. Whether your approach is trying something new, or putting a twist on your older routine, always be aware of how beauty comes as a package.

Roshi Ross’ top 5 beauty secret MUSTS for every woman:

1- Detox, Detox, DETOX!
You must detox on the daily; it will cleanse your immune system and cells. It automatically resets and rejuvenates the body.

2-  Healthy, weekly fasting
Fasting two non-consecutive days per week by eating one meal a day and consuming lots of fluids is beneficial (you need to hydrate a LOT).

3- Daily workouts
Diversity is key: you can do Pilates, yoga, walk, hike, swim, you name it! As long as you are having fun, got for it!

4- Skin and hair treatments are extremely important
Organic coconut oil deeply nourishes the skin and has a natural SPF.

For the hair, use apple cider vinegar or honey. Why? It makes your hair extra shiny and gets rid of any residue.

5- Add some pro-collagen to beverages to your daily diet.
You would see results in under 12 weeks’ time. It is a miracle in a bottle, really.

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