Easy and healthy packed lunch ideas your kids will love

Your kids are sure to love these delicious and healthy packed lunch ideas

Homemade energy bars.

healthy packed lunch ideas

Homemade energy bars are a great replacement for chocolate and sweets in packed lunch boxes. The shop bought bars are usually quite pricey, but there are some great easy homemade recipes available. This delicious nutty oat recipe is a great place to start.

Chocolate topped fruit

healthy packed lunch ideas

Struggling to get your child to eat fruit? Try cutting up a tangerine, and dipping a small amount of dark organic chocolate on to half the tangerine slices.

Apple and peanut butter dip

healthy packed lunch ideas
Peanut butter is packed full of protein, healthy fats and low in sugar and makes for a great healthy dip that kids will love to tuck into. Slice up some apple, and put some peanut butter in a small Tupperware tub inside their packed lunch box for an easy-to-eat snack.

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