Warrior of Love

Finding the ‘Love Warrior’ is a courageous and sacred quest. It is a map to navigate our way, step by step, realisation by realisation, to move beyond self-punishing patterns, so we can recognise, embrace and ultimately love all aspects of ourselves and become our full expression…

Love Warrior

As women, we have been conditioned to turn away from our strength. In doing so, we have denied a fundamental part of ourselves; often, we may have chosen weakness over strength. Many have chosen to be followers rather than doers, or gave up their dreams to make it easier for others.

But what if I was here to tell you that you are here to be your beautiful, empowered, sacred, without apology or explanation and without trepidation? And what if you had within yourself the power that came from love and not fear, from compassion and understanding instead of control and manipulation?

Take a Moment: where in your life do you see you need more courage and confidence and what stands in the way? More often than not, the main culprit is Fear; it keeps us stuck and stands between our deepest desires; it can render us powerless.

Every choice we make that is based on fear whittles away our self-esteem. Fear gathers strength as we get older, ensuring we live a mediocre, unfulfilled life. How do we transcend fear and begin to make empowered choices? We start tapping into our inner strength aka Warrior Self.

First, realise that unlike with other warriors, this warrior’s battleground is not ‘out there ‘. Fear lives within us in our hearts and minds. The enemy to vanquish is our inner critic which expresses your limiting beliefs, the negative internal dialogue that plays out incessantly in the theatre of your mind.

In order to access radical change, one needs to understand that you needed each and every experience, even the ones that were the most painful, even those that brought you to your knees. Remember, some of the best gifts did not come in the best gift wrappers; you hold a source of power gained through your unique experiences.

Indeed, we need to cultivate lasting confidence which comes from knowing that challenges are ultimately opportunities designed to reconnect us with our magnificence and our ‘Warrior Self’ is just a thought away from being activated to help us through our journey.

By: Kay Joosub
Lifestyle Manager

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