Mindful Living

By: Bharti Varma

mindful living

Recently, I have heard a wise man speak about Mindful Living. When asked for insights on ways to manage stress, he responded with ease stating that it is important to manage our health, home, finances and time, but why waste energy on managing stress? Stress does not belong to us!

Something about his words connected with me. It is true, why should we manage something that is not of service to us?

Most of us believe that stress is part of our lives and we seek ways to manage it to feel good temporarily. However, this is the complete opposite of how it is!

The truth is: our natural state of being is of balance and harmony, but every time we move away from the present moment into the past or future, we get disconnected and refer to it as “feeling stressed”.

The good news is that with a little bit of awareness we can learn to live in the present.

These simple reminders will empower you with Mindful Living:

1) Remember that energy flows where attention goes. If you constantly worry about the tasks or relationships at hand your fears become your reality. Instead, choose to maintain a steady flow of positive thoughts which will keep you feeling great.

2) ‘Thinking big’ is great, but thinking small is even better; one thing at a time allows you to break down the mountain of daily activities that seem overwhelming, focusing on one task at a time, allowing you to be grounded and releasing worries completely.

3) The power of your breath is your strength. Anytime you feel overwhelmed, simply take a few deep breaths and regain your natural state.

Enjoy living in the Now!

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