Time to Start Again

By: Bharti

Start Again

Another year has gone by and it is that time of year when enthusiasm soars high among most people to start afresh in the New Year with new resolutions.

Most people feel this sense of excitement and motivation peaking high at the start of the year, driving them to make desired changes in their lives; be it to start exercising or to diet, achieve a work-life balance or practice meditation – the list can go on!

What is really fascinating is that many people start out strong at first, but gradually find the momentum wither away as days, weeks and months pass by. In time, they realise they are back to where they started, now with lingering hope tinged with a number of negative emotions such as guilt, helplessness, low self-esteem or sometimes even denial from slowing down or giving up.

If you are experiencing a similar pattern coming in between you and your desires to move forward all you need to do is remind yourself: “I can start again!”

No matter how many times you stumble or fall, feel lethargic or resistant, remind yourself: “I can start again.” This sounds simple, but is a very powerful way of training your subconscious mind to keep your direction steady and esteem high.

When we fall back on what we planned to do, a tendency to judge and self-blame takes over making it harder to start again.

This simple command helps to let go of the inertia and excuses. Once you train yourself to repeat these words over and over again, you will release all resistance and judgements making it easy to start over from where you had stopped.

So, wishing you a very Happy New year from all of us here and do not forget to start again every time you feel down!

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