Unosole – a Friend for Every Child!

Back to school is all about new books, classes and stationery as well as the right footwear for your kids. When going back to school, we definitely want and wish for good health and comfort for our kids. So why compromise while buying our littleuns the perfect pair of shoes? Don’t simply purchase shoes, invest in a relationship with Unosole, one that will uplift you and your child’s lifestyle.


Athlete’s Co. is proud to present all new ‘Unosole’ shoes – comfortable shoes with Coolite Memory foam foot bed, and Agion Lining with strong hygiene-oriented pair for your little ones.

Shoes are more than just a purchase made for short-term purposes, they are in essence, an investment. If small children are not wearing the right shoe, it could lead to serious repercussions, for example, severe ankle and knee injuries. Therefore, it is more than wise to buy the right footwear at all times and Unosole is the answer to all those concerns.

Having said all this, these shoes become your friend in the truest sense; they are your child’s companions and they assist in your child’s welfare, starting from eliminating unnecessary bacterial growth due to advance Agion technology, to supporting with a Coolite memory foam and soft foot bed to reduce injuries caused when playing or running. What more can you ask of a friend? As a matter of fact, even the color is friendly being all black such that it can be worn to any school…anywhere!

Unosole is not only your child’s friend but also your companion. It is environment friendly and has a moisture control technology. Its AGION anti-bacterial technology avoids the hassle of sickness which can lead to frequent absenteeism of children by eliminating the chances of bacterial and fungal growth.. Furthermore, it reduces the aspect of repeated purchase of shoes due to these issues.

Athlete’s Co. has hit the bulls-eye on their timing of the launch of Unosole and the product is now available at all Athlete’s Co. stores across the GCC.

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