6 Simple Steps to Become an Abundance Magnet

Abundance is the overwhelming feeling that you have everything you desire in life, whether it is happiness, wealth, success, relationships, etc. Let us examine the following six steps that you should follow to manifest abundance. Please note that if any of the steps is not fulfilled correctly, you will fail in realizing your dreams and you will end up in a big disappointment.

6 Simple Steps to Become an Abundance Magnet

Step 1: Discover what you really want from life. Start with the following simple meditation exercise: get in a comfortable position (I prefer to lay on my couch) and clear up your mind by releasing all your worries and thoughts of the day. Take three deep breaths filling your lungs with air and exhale slowly through your mouth. Now that you are more relaxed, imagine how life would be like when you achieve happiness, success and wealth. I want you to imagine even the smallest details. Then, ask yourself what things you need to add or change in your life to achieve this perfect life. What traits did you have when you were visualizing yourself? Were you more optimistic? More confident? Try answering these questions while in a meditative state. Finally, write your answers down.

Step 2: Set your intentions and follow your own intuition. We tend to be greatly affected by our friends’ or family’s opinions and we start to ignore the voice from within, telling us totally different things. People who ignore what their heart and gut says will face heart problems in the future.

Step 3: Start transmitting positive frequencies. When you think and feel positively, you would only receive back more positivity in your life. To illustrate further, consider the following example: you are late to your work due to traffic, and you start blaming yourself for not leaving home earlier. You reach your office and order a cup of coffee; but because you are still upset from arriving late, you spilled your coffee on your white shirt and then you start cursing everything. As the day goes on, you feel all your day is ruined and you start feeling down. Many people get stuck in this cycle of negativity, because they keep transmitting negative signals and what they get in return is more negativity. The key idea here is to shift directly from negative to positive thoughts and emotions.

Step 4: Incorporate daily affirmations and visualizations. I like to use visualization board where I look up online for pictures that represent my dreams in the greatest detail possible. Then, I print them and hang them on the board. Let us say you want a new home. Search for your dream home picture and write below it: “I am living now in a beautiful big home”. Contemplate the board for 5 minutes every day and feel all the positive emotions as if you already bought the house. You can also create visualizations in your mind or on a computer using a movie editor.

Step 5: Be patient. Depending on how big the goals you set up for yourself, manifestation might take some time. Many people tend to lose faith and give up. Impatience negates everything you have worked for and prevents you from achieving your dreams. Be grateful for what you currently have and look for blocking beliefs at the subconscious level that are making you doubt yourself.

Step 6: After you have achieved your dreams, be thankful, happy and enjoy what you have received. Keep thinking positively and release any negativity you encounter. Finally, set new goals and work towards
manifesting them.

By: Rachad Atat

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