Q: “Do Children with Asthma Have Their Chance to Enjoy Activities such as Sports?”

“Well controlled asthmatic children should be able to participate in unrestricted activities. If there are settings in which your child is wheezy or is coughing, this indicates inadequate control and you should seek the advice of an asthma specialist. A well controlled asthmatic should live a normal unrestricted life.”

Dr Mike Loubser

Paediatrics, Immunology, Asthma & Allergy SpecialistMedical DirectorInfinity ClinicDo Children with Asthma Have Their Chance to Enjoy Activities such as Sports?“Swimming is great for asthmatic children. Swimming indoors where the air is warm and moist is particularly beneficial as it reduces any irritation that cold, dry air can cause to the airways. Activities with short bursts of effort are great as they allow for rests in activity e.g. sprinting Fitness classes are good choices, as well, especially when participants are allowed to take small breaks between exercises. Yoga is highly recommended since it helps children improve their breathing and has a relaxing effect. Asthma attacks can be frightening for both children and parents. It is essential that all care givers of an asthmatic child are aware of the condition and are alert for signs of an attack. Asthmatic children should be actively involved in their own care programs, being made to understand the things that they need to do to minimize the chances of experiencing an attack and knowing what to do when they notice symptoms.”

Dr Mohammad Khaldi

Specialist PediatricianEmirates Hospital

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