Busy Mothers, Keep Your Romance Alive Through Mindfulness!

By: Kaya Peters

It is just a fact of life. When the baby comes along, much of our personal lives take a hike and the times for couples to get together becomes few and far between. Well, the opportunities for romance might have decreased but do not let that happen to the passion! In fact, it is time to be more captivated with each other than ever before. Rare can be a good thing when we are talking about diamonds and that is just what yoga mindfulness can do to your love life.

Busy Mothers Keep Your Romance Alive Through Mindfulness

In yoga, being mindful is freeing the mind of all thoughts except for what is before you. During these special moments of togetherness, there is no job, no kids, no nothing! In fact, try not to enjoy the food and beverage too much either! Pay deep attention to their words, hold your focus on their eyes and let each other become the center of the world. Do not let topics not about each other or nagging life issues steal the mood, and if the waiter accidentally spills something on your dress, you did not see anything…

It helps to agree with each other about the mindful agenda for the night and then meditate mindfully before meeting. Relax, close your eyes and drop all other thoughts to focus on your partner. Tell yourself how much you miss and cherish them. Sure, it takes practice to not get distracted with something from our crazy lives. When that happens, take a deep breath, drop it and then tell your partner how wonderful they look :). And remember, it is not always the words, often, mindfulness is in the eyes and expression. Namaste!

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