Essential Hair Products

If you find your self always standing in the hair product section in your nearest hypermarket or hair salon wondering what you actually need to have healthy and lively hair, then fret not. It can be stressful worrying about our hair, especially when stress, weather and the type of water in this city can take a toll on our hair’s health. Based on various beauty bloggers, research and various women’s experiences, I’ve come up with 8 simple essential hair products every women can turn to.

Essential Hair Products

Tip: Stress dulls your hair, causes breakage and hair thinning. Remember to relax, find stress relieving activities and maintain a healthy diet and adequate sleep.

1. Hair Serum: A good one can keep ends polished and frizz free, and of course it adds a lot of shine – its much lighter then leave-in conditioners and can also double up as thermal blow dry product! Double save!

2. Dry Shampoo for greasy hair: dry shampoo might be the only product to swear by for immediate hair volume! It will absorb oil in between washings. All women with any hair type will need it at some point. Now, you don’t have to wash you hair everyday, even during the summer.

3. Shampoo for your hair type: its important to select a shampoo that’s created for you hair type- using a wrong shampoo type may end actually damaging your hair in the long run. For example, if you have dry hair and used shampoo for greasy hair it may strip away the little natural oil you have, which will result in more harm than good.

4. Hair cream/oil treatment: with the dry weather we are living in, split ends and hair frizziness is almost every woman’s problem in the UAE. Investing in a good hair treatment would not only help you maintain healthy hair, but also might save you from cutting your hair and from spending more later on expensive hair course treatments.

5. Hair spray: No matter your hair type, there are styling sprays in the market that will help your hair look better either by creating volume or taming down frizziness.

6. A plastic bristle hair brush: the higher quality your hairbrush, the less hair will fall.

8. Ionic blow dryer: A strong, ionic blowdryer, will speed drying time which reduces your hair’s exposure to damaging heat. A blast of cool air at the end of a drying session sets the hair in place, closes the cuticle and leaves hair feeling healthier according to beauty hair experts.

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