Infants and Teething problems

Teething is one of the biggest milestone in an infant’s life, which is the onset of the eruption of teeth from the child’s jaw. However, the first set of teeth doesn’t always come very easily. It usually starts between 4th and the 10th month, and dentists have noted that the severity of this process vastly depends upon genetics. Teething is very troubling for the baby and is marked by discomfort around the gum area. This may cause loss of appetite for the baby, increased drooling and decreased sleep. The child may also become irritable and in some cases the baby may suffer from fevers, cough, runny nose and rashes over the body.

Teething problems

It is upsetting for parents to see their child whimper in pain therefore, it is important to be prepared for this and have teething toys ready for this time. Pediatricians and dentists have also stated that applying light pressure is beneficial and helps relieve pain, but make sure that the finger is clean. Using cold washcloths and ice can also help, however the child should not be exposed to the cold so much. Pain killers and medicines are not always advisable for young children, so stick to these tried and tested tips and tricks to help make teething easy for both you and more importantly, your child.



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