Managing Stress during Pregnancy

Stress is not easy, and pregnancy is even harder. Both surely come together; the joy of being pregnant is one thing, but the sense of responsibility and physical changes make it all just a bit trickier. However, since stress is destructive for a normal person, and even more for a pregnant woman, follow the tips below to manage it and put an end to pain:

Managing Stress during Pregnancy

• Understand the root of the stress and talk to your partner, a friend, family member, or healthcare provider
• Don’t conduct activities which are not absolutely necessary
• Try relaxation activities including yoga, meditation, etc.
• Plan your work, of you’re a working woman, ahead
• Get some peace! A bubble bath or reading a book, even 5 minutes of me-time will do
• Get a massage of acupuncture
• Light exercise! Being pregnant doesn’t mean you should give up on being fit
• Sleep well and delegate some activities to people who can help
• Say ‘no’ to anything that overwhelms you; you’re pregnant after all

Happy pregnancy!

By: Dina Maaty


March of Dimes Foundation

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