Mum Concerned of Her Baby’s Feeding Gets Medical Advice

Mum Concerned

Q: “My month-old baby weighs 3.5 kg (birth weight 2.6 kg) and is exclusively breastfed. He feeds every hour and sometimes even in between! Problem is, he feeds for only up to 5-10 minutes most times and then dozes off. He doesn’t respond to prodding to feed more after that. At night, the gap is usually longer, about 2 to 3 hours. Is this normal? Overall, he is a happy baby and wets 6 to 8 diapers a day and usually poops after every feed.”

Tarana Khan Siddiqi

A: “Research has shown that exclusive breastfeeding for six months is the optimal way of feeding infants. This is because breast milk is the natural first food for babies, providing all the energy and nutrients that the infant needs for the first months of life. Breast milk promotes sensory and cognitive development, and protects the infant against infectious and chronic diseases.

Although breast feeding on demand; that is as often as your child wants throughout the day and night; can be difficult, it is important to persevere so the baby does not become dehydrated and to ensure he gets exactly the nutrition he needs. In my opinion, your baby is doing very well, so I recommend that you keep doing as you are.”

Dr Lali Pataridze, MBBS, MD
Specialist Paediatrician
Euromed Clinic
04 394 5422

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