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By: Rachad Atat

oral health

Oral health is the gateway to a healthy body. Unhealthy teeth and gums pose a major threat to the whole body as the pathogens, toxins and bad microorganisms in the mouth start to pump inflammation leading to heart diseases, cancers, Alzheimer’s, kidney and liver diseases and lung disorders.

Fluoride, once valued as a must for healthy teeth, has been shown to be toxic and actually lead to tooth decay, unlike what you keep hearing from your dentist and Media! Many health-conscious individuals turn to natural toothpastes; however, what many people do not know is that even natural toothpastes, with the exception of some, contain glycerin. Glycerin covers the teeth with a thin layer which cannot be rinsed away, which in turn prevents tooth remineralisation.

Fortunately, when we turn to Mother Earth, we find amazing components that can clean our teeth like no other toothpaste can. Bentonite Clay is one of those earthy components which draws out toxins and heavy metals, in addition to remineralising the teeth.

Redmond Real Salt® has more than 60 minerals which help strengthen the teeth while providing antibacterial properties.

Tea tree essential oil is a precious oil for fighting acne due to its powerful antifungal and antimicrobial properties, so imagine when you use it on your teeth to prevent infections and gum diseases.

Here is a recipe for natural toothpaste which combines these ingredients and more:

2 tbsps. Bentonite Clay
2-4 tbsps. distilled water
4 drops tea tree oil
5 drops liquid Stevia
10 drops peppermint essential oil
Pinch of Real Salt®

As you mix the ingredients, make sure you use a wooden or plastic spoon. Store the mixture in a glass jar and make sure you cover it with a lid to avoid having it dry out. Remember to floss at least once daily.

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