Purifying Your Pregnancy



Purifying your pregnancy: 8 easy tips on a holistic and blissful pregnancy!

  1. Detoxify for at least 3-6 months before your pregnancy. Green Clay is one of the most natural and efficient detoxifier. You may also want to include fresh ginger tea to cleanse your blood (see the recipe here) and chlorella (which is a superfood) to detox even further and get all the vitamins and minerals you need
  2. Use certified natural and organic skin, body and hair care products like all Nature Purity products, which don’t contain any parabens, phtalates, petrochemicals or other toxic chemicals
  3. Eat as organic as you can or if you can’t, concentrate on products which make the most difference
  4. Use natural detergents and house cleaning products
  5. Avoid, at any cost, treating your lawn and garden chemically.
  6. Take it easy and avoid panicking about chemicals and pollution: stress and fears are as toxic for you and your baby as bad chemicals. Moreover, many infertility problems include psychological factors. One of them being the fear of not being able to conceive
  7. Make sure that you have all the vitamins and essential fatty acids you need
  8. Get some specific massage like lymphatic drainage or simply exercise to help move the toxins and chemicals out of your body

Source: Nature Purity

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