Should You Exercise During Pregnancy?

exercise during pregnancy

One of the most common misconceptions about pregnancy is that a woman should cease her fitness regime, as it may pose a threat to the well-being of the mother and the baby. Contrary to popular belief, exercising is indeed good for expectant mothers. Recent research has shown that exercising during pregnancy is not only beneficial for both mother and child, but also helps the mother through labor and enables her to spring back to her routine after pregnancy. Clinicians advise women to continue with light exercise and the only thing they are supposed to change is the number of hours and the types of exercises they do. Ideally, women are supposed to do light exercises for 30 minutes a day.

Exercising during pregnancy helps maintain the baby’s position in the womb. It also helps alleviate mood during pregnancy and helps women manage their weight as well. Nutritionists also recommend Yoga, but also advise mothers to avoid exercises that involves lying straight on the back which puts pressure on the belly and cause backaches. Get a stationary bike for greater safety and always make sure that the body stays hydrated. Although exercising during pregnancy is a big YES, but mothers should always keep in touch with their fitness instructor and their gynecologists. It is important to bear in mind that during this time they are not only eating for two, but exercising for two as well.


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