Weight and Fertility

weight and fertility

In the age of fast food, it is awfully hard for people to have reasonable amount of nutrients and good fat in their diet. As a result, obesity has become a scourge of modern society. Being over or underweight can create many problems, but the most common is infertility. If a woman does not have a weight as per their age bracket and height, it becomes difficult for her to conceive. To check whether or not one’s weight is safe for conception, women are advised to keep their Body Mass Index (BMI) in check. Weight influences the flow and release of hormones in the body which in turn has a great influence on fertility.

Even if overweight women do end up conceiving, there are high chances of complications. Some of the risks associated with overweight pregnancies include hypertension, gestational diabetes, infection, stillbirth or other complications during delivery. Overweight women should try to bring their BMI down to a reasonable level before actually going ahead with the pregnancy. This is because pregnancy fat can worsen the BMI of an overweight woman even more. The same applies for over-weight men who have difficulty impregnating their partners as their sperm quality is not as good as that of a normal person’s. Before taking a step towards parenthood, it is highly recommended to adopt a healthy lifestyle for the safety of the parents and their unborn child.


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