Weight Loss Myths

Following up on last month’s article on weight loss myths, see below Holistic Professional Kaya Peters’ top 10 tips for sustainable weight loss and reaching your authentic bodyweight:


1.Figure out which foods work best for your body and what times are best for you to eat.

2.Use clean, nutrient-dense whole foods as your staples, so no refined foods, little sugar and dairy, wheat and meat, and preferably no or little alcohol (excessive alcohol consumption does not fit into a healthy lifestyle).

3.Exercise regularly, and walk outdoors whenever you have the chance.

4.Eat regularly to keep your metabolism going. Avoid blood sugar crashes.

5.Have a low calorie detox day when you’ve eaten too much or too fatty. Consume fresh vegetable juices and lightly steamed veggies for a day to balance out your excessive food intake from the previous day.

6.Drink water like a fish, and if you can handle the caffeine, green tea, which is a great fat burner with tons of anti-oxidants

7.If you’re toxic, you will have difficulty losing weight. A detox can be of great benefit in order to lose those excess pounds.

8.Don’t stress about food. Enjoy every bite you eat. Don’t obsess. Indulge in something delicious every now and then, but try to pick food of high quality most of the time.

9.Say nice things to your body, love it, appreciate it and take care of it properly.

10.Lastly and most importantly, forget about your ideal number on the scale and try to figure out what weight FEELS best, instead of obsessing over a number which really doesn’t mean anything. You want to be comfortable with the way you look and feel, whatever that scale might tell you.

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