Wish to Get Pregnant? Eat the Right Stuff!

Trying, trying, and trying to have a baby, but just can’t? Maybe it’s time to watch your intakes and get conscious on your diet. Dr Mira Bajirova, Medical Director and Consultant Obstetrics and Gynaecology IVF (Paris) at the Euromed Clinic, states that everyday foods can help trigger infertility to a woman’s body.

Wish to Get Pregnant? Eat the Right Stuff!


Excessive caffeine, alcohol, and soy the system produce unfavourable effects to a mum-hopeful. “Drinking five or more cups of coffee each day has been associated with a decrease in fertility rate and a cup of coffee an hour before or after meal can interfere with the absorption of certain essential minerals, such as iron,” she says. The feelings of nervousness, irritability, anxiety, irregular heartbeats and sleeping problems are just some effects of caffeine.

Naturally, alcohol abuse in women can adversely impact their fertility such as the absence of periods, lack of ovulation and abnormal development of the uterus lining to name a few. Although protein is much needed by the body, a high consumption of which – as may be acquired from soy milk – may decrease the hormone levels that are vital for a healthy reproductive system. “Women with multiple risk factors for infertility may be more sensitive to soy than others,” she adds.


According to Dr Bajirova, while oily fish such as mackerel is important for the development of the unborn child, certain types of fish, including albacore tuna, shark, swordfish and sea bream, can contain high levels of mercury which has been linked with infertility and which also can negatively affect the growth and development of the embryo, causing birth defects such as autism. Ingesting unpasteurised dairy products and raw meats makes a woman prone to an infection called Listeriosis. “If a woman becomes infected while pregnant, the risk of miscarriage or stillbirth, premature delivery, or infection of the newborn is greatly increased,” she stresses.

Another infection that can contribute to foetal malformation is toxoplasmosis, which is caused by a parasite that is found in plant soil and raw or undercooked meat,” she says and this parasite can cause eye and brain damage in a developing baby if the mother becomes infected during pregnancy. To avoid contamination, she advises to thoroughly wash fruit and vegetables before you eat them and ensure meat is properly cooked.

It is really no rocket science to discern which food types may hinder conception. When in doubt, make sure to double check its origin, ingredients and contents as this might just save a new life in your womb.

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