5 Ways that Promote Learning in Kids

Young children view the world differently than an adult and have unusual ways of exploring their environment. Some of these unusual ways are often inhibited by parents, but in truth they actually enhances the child’s ability to learn. For example:

5 Ways that Promote Learning in Kids

1. Children are often admonished for playing with their food, but this behavior actually helps the child get familiarize with the food. Moreover, recent research has also shown that children who are in the habit of playing with their food develop vocabulary faster.

2. Exercise and sports teach the child discipline and teamwork. It helps him gain mastery over his hand-eye coordination, which promotes and makes the child adept at learning.

3. Having an unstructured play program for the child enables him to think independently and explore things at his own pace.

4. Video games have earned great censure for promoting negative traits in young children like violence and aggression. However, video games also enhance a child’s cognitive skills and hand-eye coordination. It also makes them more competitive and helps them get dialed in to the tech culture.

5. Getting messy may seem like a lot of work for mothers, but it is an educational experience for children. By making a mess they interact with their surroundings and develop an understanding of how everything works.


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