Baby Pacifier: How important is it?

Pacifiers seem to be one of the most important baby doodads, but the truth is that a baby can do very well without it. Pacifiers may provide the benefit of keeping the baby’s crying at bay, which is good news not only for the parents, but for neighbors as well. However, pacifiers have several disadvantages in the long-run which makes many parents question the usefulness of this little tool. The most common complaint that parents have about pacifier is that it was difficult to keep the baby calm or get them to sleep without it.

Baby Pacifier

Dependence was just the least of problems, the pacifier also makes it difficult to wean the baby off of it. Moreover, pacifiers also interfere with the tooth alignment of the baby and may also give rise to other dental problems. Therefore, parents are advised to rule against the use of the pacifier. New parents need to understand that that there is no way they can stop a baby from crying. However, there are several other ways to calm a baby other than relying on pacifiers. They can be conveniently scratched off the list, but if parents still think pacifiers are a good option then make sure it is sterilized well to keep the baby safe from germs.


Baby Pacifier – Should it be used?

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