Caring for Mother Earth

By Zarine Dadachanji
Facilitator, Gong Meditations and Healings


Teach the Children.

The most important thing we, as adults, can do is to teach the children. Teach them that, Gaia, Mother Earth, is to be loved and respected. We are but tiny cells on her gigantic body. One sigh from her and millions of us can perish. She is capable of taking care of herself.

So, more than teaching re-cycling, climate awareness and tree planting (all good and important in their own place, do not misunderstand me, teach the children to love our beautiful blue-green planet, to send her unconditional love, to make her part of their prayers and blessings.

Teach them to sit on the earth, to feel the grass, mud and sand beneath them. To energize themselves, to “earth” themselves, to receive loving, gentle, feminine energies from the earth. Energies of compassion, healing, love and joy. That is all what is needed. Nothing more, nothing less.

To this end, talk your children through this brief visualization, while sitting on the grass or sand, with them, eyes open or closed:

“See our beautiful blue-green world in front of you. It gently rotates. From your heart, send the world love; send healing and send peace. See the Earth covered with a soft pink light. From top to bottom. From North Pole to South Pole. Let all the waters, all the land, all the animals, plants, minerals and all humans feel this beautiful energy. Feel the peace with each breath. See the Earth smiling back at you and saying ‘Thank you’ to you!”

And now, fill your own bodies with this pink light. Let every tiny cell of yours fill up with this light and feel very, very, loved. For each of you is special, one of a kind, and very loved by the Creator Energy, whatever that might be for you. Feel Blessed!

Zarine facilitates children’s workshops, meditations, and sound and energy healings in Dubai. For more info: +971 50 650 9954

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