Child Safety Tips

by Sijyl Ghias, Centre Director BLOSSOM VILLAGEPart of being a kid is having the freedom to play and explore, and of course this comes with the occasional bumps and bruises. However, for unexpected situations such as first aid concerns and emergency situations, there are ways to ensure that children stay safe and healthy.Child Safety Tips1. While your kids are doing their homework today, give yourself an assignment to find answers to these questions and make sure that you are prepared to handle emergency situations such as CPR, first aid, fires and earthquakes. Do your children know Dubai emergency contact numbers? What about their home and school address? Where are the emergency exits? Are exit routes clearly marked? Do your children practice safety drills at home and at school?2. Since children spend most of their day at school, check to see that your child’s school has ample staff trained in all areas of emergency preparedness including first aid, fire and earthquake safety. It is also important that they have practice drills on a regular basis.3. Particularly with the number of high rise buildings in Dubai, fire and earthquake safety should be practiced on a regular basis. Whether you are at home, visiting a friend or shopping in a mall, be sure to make a habit of noting the nearest exits and street addresses including landmarks in order to accurately describe your location to emergency personnel. Check out first aid classes offered to parents and caregivers so you have the confidence and skills to know how to act in an emergency.

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