Cooking with Kids

cooking with kids

As the child is more accustomed to seeing his mom slave over the hot stove, he is more likely to gravitate towards the kitchen. Of course, many mums are averse to the idea of having their children linger anywhere around the kitchen, but studies have shown that getting the child more involved in kitchen activities is the best way to spur his creative side and promote a healthy appetite. Researchers have also pointed out that getting children to help around the kitchen can be a very educational experience for them. Kids learn to differentiate between different foods faster and they can learn the importance of cleanliness, making them more organized.

Helping out in the kitchen makes the child feel more accomplished and confident. Start off with simple activities, like getting them to wipe table tops and cake decorating at first. Then when the child is familiarized with all the tools in the kitchen, it is safe to move on to trickier levels. Don’t just chuck them out of the kitchen, but use this opportunity to spend more time with them that will strengthen your bond with your child and lay foundation to a healthy relationship. Who knows, maybe one day you child can grow up to be your kitchen assistant or even the next Gordon Ramsey.


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