Facebook cyberbullying: how to protect your child

Facebook has recently ramped up its approach to cyberbullying, Mother, Baby & Child look at what changes are being made on the social network…

Facebook cyberbullying: how to protect your child

Facebook recently made the progressive step of improving it’s Safety Centre and Bullying Prevention Hub. The change means it should be easier for those being cyberbullied to report the behaviour to the social media site and make it easier to improve security and privacy.

The Bullying Prevention Hub offers transparent, downloadable information for teens, parents and teachers (the advice for parents can be found here). The Safety Centre on the hand offers step-by-step advice on staying safe on Facebook, protecting personal information and securing your account.

As part of the expansion, the Anti Bullying hub is also now available in 55 languages worldwide.

“When we first launched the Bullying Prevention Hub, our goal was to bridge the gap between offline and online. For example, if a student experiences bullying, they can report it to us and we’ll take [that post] down. We also offer tools to control who you interact with or reach out [to] for help. But if someone is being bullied, it’s probably not just a problem on Facebook, and we wanted to help solve the broader problem, too,” Antigone Davis, Facebook’s head of global safety told Refinery29

Instagram, the popular image sharing site that’s owned by Facebook also recently updated its safety rules, which can found here.



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