Mindful Parenting

By Bharti Varma – Holistic Facilitator and Corporate Trainer

mindful parenting

Every new parent at some point wishes that their bundle of joy arrived with a parenting manual to make life simple; but as time goes by a beautiful understanding surpassing logic or experience strengthens this natural bond between the parent and child.

This relationship thrives on true understanding and love but over the years for many the responsibility of being “Perfect Parents” often overshadows the equality that nurtures this bond and instead the need to excel as the best parent establishes a control- abide, parent-child bond.

This urge often gets fuelled in parents by past un-healed memories and our children ever so naturally trigger these points, pushing us to make them what we wished to be deep within!

There is nothing wrong with wanting our children to be the best in everything they do but in this quest we sometime tend to focus more on what we believe to be their weakness or lack; we worry that they shouldn’t fail and hurt like we may have in our lives and in all this fear we miss experiencing the perfect whole and complete wonder that they truly are!

Every child is unique and can nurture their parents as much as the parents can nurture him or her.
Lets begin to see our children with equality and respect, whatever age they maybe instead of just little beings who we need to shape and control as per what we feel is best for them.

Lets give them the opportunity to be who they are by being present to their needs and emotions; without imposing our fears- allowing them to heal us as we help them grow!

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