The Power of Emotions

By: Bharti Varma, Holistic Facilitator and Corporate Trainer

I have observed that, as expat parents, we often try to associate our children with our culture back home. We explore ways and opportunities to create a bond for them with our country, a connection with our values and traditions. I will share an experience, which I had a few days ago, which made me discover the power of emotions and energy that transfer from within us to our children ever so naturally.

The Power of Emotions

The Republic day celebrations were on back home and I decided to teach my 4-year-old the national anthem. The words are tough and difficult to understand for a 4-year-old, but she was doing her best! After several singing sessions, I played the anthem online and we began listening to it, deeply engrossed. She asked me to replay it several times, and suggested we sing along: so we did!

The next few moments, my emotions soared with gratitude and love, I got goose bumps seeing my daughter sing the anthem and she felt my emotions and patriotism that connected somewhere inside of her. She now began to sing louder and with greater excitement!

I could see the glee in her eyes of a connection she found between the song, her mother, her country and herself. A sense of belonging and passion that seamlessly traveled from my emotions to hers!

Isn’t it amazing how the energy and emotions we hold is deeply felt by those we love? We can pass on our love and passion to our children by simply being honest with our feelings around them.

Become aware of your own emotional energy and strengthen your bonds of love with ease.

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