Sneak Those Extras In Your Child’s Food

You really want your children to have their daily intake of vegetables, but the second they see that dark green color and that’s it – food non grata! Children are active, so when it comes to exercise you most likely have that part covered; but good health also depends on a healthy diet. Now although we would want our children to understand the benefits of eating all their vegetables, some children are just too fussy and will eventually grow out of the phase. Therefore, there’s a trick to getting your children to eat their vegetables, and it’s to simply hide such vital ingredients in food that they actually love to eat. Yes mummies, sometimes we just have to be sneaky to nourish them properly.Three simple tricks!Your Child's Food cooked-spinachSpinach:Kids usually don’t have a problem with avocado, make an avocado spread and grind a handful of leaves of spinach to increase their leafy green intake. They can enjoy it as a tip with crisps or even in a sandwich.Your Child's Food zuchiniZucchini:Some children find zucchini bitter or just simply aren’t a fan of the veggie. Shred the zucchini and add it to their pasta, a healthy burger patty, or even scrambled eggs. They won’t even notice the difference!Your Child's Food peasPeas and broccoli:Puree the peas and/or broccoli into a spaghetti sauce, pizza, sauce, mashed potatoes, chicken pie, or even mac and cheese. You can even add pee puree to your children’s muffin batter.You can substitute these veggies with other ones and figure out what works best for you and your child. FYI – grating veggies is an easy trick! Just remember that even while sneaking around to provide your child with a nutritious diet, make sure to continue to encourage your children to eat vegetables and also show them that you enjoy eating vegetables in order for them to eventually understand and accept vegetables. Till then, a sneaky addition of a few veggies here and there is something they don’t have to know about! Bon appetit kids!Sources:www.thesneakychef.comUCSF Benioff Children’s Hospitalwww.ucsfbenioffchildrens.orgDiana Faraj – Mother of a twin set of two beautiful 5 year-old girls

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