Tips for A Happy Family

By: Hana Hounaine“The soul is healed by being with children”, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, a Russian novelist and journalist once said.happy family1. Swap stories: Ask questions, make sure to ask your children how their day was, tell them some stories about your day that may interest them. Let your children be the first thing you attend to once you’re home. This will go a long way for you as a family.2. Put the marriage first: When you take care of your marriage, your children feel the happiness and will be healthy children.3. Break bread together: Eat with the family, not just physically, but mentally as well. Family dinners are a time to connect.4. Play together: Create activities with your family that you do together as a family.5. Put family before friends: Giving rules is always essential but not to the point where the children feel bored; you want your children to feel that you are their friends.6. Build and honor rituals: Creating rituals for the family enhances the family bond.7. Keep your voices down: Children work well with stability and calmness; when you’re firm and calm you show your children that you don’t lose control.8. Never fight in front of the kids: All couples argue, but avoid fighting in front of the children. When your children see you argue, you’ll stress them out and create tension at home.9. Don’t work too much: When you prioritize work over your children, they’ll become insecure and feel they’re not valuable enough.10. Have private jokes: Having inside jokes and nicknames enhances the bond between the family.11. Communicate: Make sure your family members communicate with one another in a healthy and calm manner.Source:15 Secrets to Have A Happy

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