Winner Smile Starts from Weaning

winner smile starts from weaningDo you think your child’s milk teeth do not require the same kind of care as that of his or her permanent set? Are you one of those who’d say, “Well, they’re going to fall off anyway…” If yes, then Dr Maya, Specialist Paedodontist, Implantologist & General Dentist would prove otherwise.“As the child changes his diet, or after being weaned, additional care must be given to them.  It is very helpful to avoid factors that can lead to what is commonly known as ‘baby bottle tooth decay’ which can happen if a child is given a bottle filled with anything other than water, and put to sleep. Food, juice drinks and or milk contain acid that are harmful to a child’s dental health,” she explains. What perhaps most of us are not aware of is that maintaining a healthy set of baby teeth is critical to the overall growth process and can instil an impact on the onset of the adult teeth.As a matter of fact, parents are encouraged to begin practicing dental care with their little one as early as infancy period. Soft bristled toothbrush recommended by a paediatric dentist or a wet cloth may be used to clean gums. She suggests introducing toothbrush and a pea-sized amount of fluoridated toothpaste by the age of 2. Teaching them to develop the ability to spit and supervising them until they are confident enough to brush their own teeth independently are also strongly promoted.Dr Maya continues: “Between 6 to 12 months of age, a child usually gets his first tooth, and it is only a wise move to arrange his first dentist visit. This can be the best way to obtain parental dental knowledge on how to care for baby teeth, be aware about dental treatment needs,  or be properly guided about ’dental home’ which is especially useful when trying to establish a healthy dental care routine as early as possible.” So why wait till your kid gets their set of permanent teeth, when you can give them that ‘celebrity smile’ as early as now?REFERENCE:Dr MayaSpecialist Paedodontist, Implantologist & General DentistDirectorDr Joy Dental Clinic04 328

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