Annabel Karmel launches new baby-led weaning recipe book

Annabel Karmel’s new book launches in Dubai, the recipe book offers top tips on preparing baby-led weaning meals

Annabel Karmel’s new book launches in Dubai

Annabel Karmel’s new book offers practical tips and recipes for baby-led weaning. The practice favours finger food over purees, allowing babies to feed themselves. Despite its name, babies weaned in this way still rely on breast or formula milk for nutrition, whilst the finger food dishes offer little ones an opportunity to develop dexterity, tastes different flavours, and explore different types of food.

A mother of three, and baby-food expert (Karmel has written 27 baby food books which have sold more than 4 million copies worldwide) her newest book offers a flexible approach to baby-led weaning. The 120 recipes can be used alongside purees or as a strict baby-led weaning programme.

Details: More information on baby-led weaning click here. If you enjoyed this article you may like this story on superfood weaning recipes.


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