Review: Dyson Supersonic hairdryer comes to Dubai

The Dyson Supersonic hairdryer has hit shelves across Dubai, but is the hairdryer really worth investing in? Mother, Baby & Child takes a look…

Dyson Supersonic Dubai

Overview of Dyson Supersonic hairdryer:

Famous for making hand dryers and vacuum cleaners, Dyson have entered the beauty market this year with their Dyson Supersonic hairdryer. Promising to “protect hair from heat damage”, and to “revolutionise” the traditionally bulky hairdryer, the Supersonic also comes with as hefty price tag at AED 1,499 .


Like most Dyson products the Supersonic is ergonomically sound: unlike traditional hairdryers, the engine is in the handle, making it lighter, and more evenly balanced in your hand. The hairdryer also comes with three accessories (two nozzles and a diffuser) which all attach easily through inbuilt magnets.

It also comes with several different heat and power settings all easily managed through a digital keypad on the hairdryer. These different settings also make it flexible for all members of the family and different hair types. Even the highest setting does not become too hot, meaning that your hair is dried quickly but with shine.

Best of all the Supersonic is even tweenager friendly – the product was built to survive being dropped, kicked and being stepped on, so it’s unlikely to break even under the supervision of the clumsiest 11-year-old.

Things to consider?

Despite Dyson’s thoughtful investment in the ergonomics of the product, there are some potential drawbacks. For example, when using the highest heat and power settings to blast dry long hair, the hair becomes incredibly tangled. The Supersonic also does not noticeably increase the speed at which hair is dried, knocking at most a couple of minutes of drying time for medium to long hair. There’s also the cost to consider – some may have expected to see more difference between a standard model hair dryer to warrant the price tag.


It’s easy to use for all the family, with low heat and power settings for children and it’s ergonomically friendly. Despite some teething issues and an expensive price tag, the Dyson Supersonic hairdryer has certainly revolutionized hair care and this first model has no doubt set the bar for all future hair-drying models.

Available at all Sephora outlets across the UAE at AED 1,499, for more information visit Sephora or Dyson.

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