Dubai mums! Here’s 9 not-so-sneaky ways you can find time for yourself

find-time-for yourself-mum-dubai
You probably know the ‘happy mama-happy baby’ motto already, so here are  – totally okay (and legal, we promise) ways to find some time for yourself in Dubai…

  1. Make a wish list. What activities are you looking to do more of? Make a list and prioritise two or three things which you will focus on for a while before moving on to the next batch. Choose things that make you happy, relaxed, sane or all three.
  2. Embrace nap time. The kids are sleeping and it is all quiet, it is finally time to…get some cleaning done? Wrong! It is time to write, listen to music, enjoy a cup of coffee or take a short nap yourself. Go ahead, we will not tell anyone.
  3. Take a bath.. A 20-minute bath is the perfect way to relax – all you need is bath salt, oils, candles and voilà.
  4. The early bird gets everything. Wake up a bit earlier than everybody else, even if it is only for 30 minutes. You can enjoy this time much more than any extra sleep you will get –  read, sip on some good coffee – just relax.
  5. Plan your meals ahead of time. Write it all down, from recipes to ingredients, and head to the supermarket for once-and-for-all grocery shopping. This will save you plenty of time and you will not have to go back and get whatever is missing for this dish or that snack.
  6. Try to delegate. Your young ones may not be the best at household chores, but they can help you do the little things – and with all that energy they have, they will be happy to dive right in. Also, get hubby to help.
  7. Outsource too. Do you really need to be doing all of the cooking and cleaning yourself? Not at all! You do not have to exceed your budget either. It takes a few minutes of simple maths to look at your budget find out what it is you can spend less on in order to get a maid or use a cleaning service.
  8. Forget perfection. Focus on doing any task at hand adequately rather than doing everything the perfect way. This way, you will get more done and have free time to do the things you love.
  9. Look for child-friendly stores. There are plenty of places around town where you can drop the kids off and set out to do whatever it is you need to. Find a play centre at the mall or kids’ area at that big home retailer. There are even cafés in Dubai now designed specifically for mummies and their children.
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