Five ways to save money on children’s clothing in Dubai

Follow these savvy tips to avoid spending a fortune on your child’s wardrobe in Dubai…

Buy gender neutral clothes

It may be tempting to give in to good old stereotypes and it is even more confusing nowadays with new hue combinations like Facebook blue and Pokémon yellow (who comes up with these things?).

Kids can share items like pyjama pants, winter gear, raincoats, tennis shoes and even sweaters as long as you buy them in neutral shades and simple designs.

Second-hand is not a bad thing

Flea markets are a Dubai institution – kind of like brunches. Trust us, you can find items with the tags still on – and even if you do not – you will end up with bargains and lovely clothes at a fraction of the cost. Just be sure to thoroughly wash these items before adding them to your child’s wardrobe.

Go up a size

Speaking of how quickly children outgrow clothes, going a size up is always a good idea. It will not even show, especially with items such as raincoats, snow trousers and pyjamas. Kids can wear a new item for a couple of months and then it gets stored away for the next year leaving them room to grow.

Sell and swap

Hold a garage sale and sell all of your kids’ old clothes. Alternatively, organise a swap shop with your friends. Ask each one of them to bring 10 to 15 pieces in great condition and approximately the same size, and you will end up with new additions to your child’s closet without actually spending a dirham.

Know where the best budget shops are

A huge part of shopping on a budget is knowing where to actually shop. Here are some options:

  • Dubai Outlet Mall  is located on the Dubai-Al Ain Road (Route 66, just off the E611 highway). It is open from 10 am – 10 pm, seven days a week and there is ample parking. Shops offer 30 per cent or more off regular-priced clothing.
  • Dragon Mart is a gigantic, maze-like mall and everything it sells is made in China. It is located on Al Awir Road, International City.
  • Global Village  is home to a multitude of pavilions from different countries. You can hunt for bargains and haggle, but will have to wait for Dubai’s cooler months to do that. It usually runs from November to April.
  • Al Karama offers quite an adventure for discounted shopping. Located in an older neighbourhood near Dubai Creek, it is a world away from Dubai’s sleek malls – just be wary of counterfeit goods.

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