Vitagene: the next step in food supplements?

Vitagene offers supplement and exercise advice based on your DNA


What’s is it?

DNA testing is currently enjoying a popularity streak amongst health fanatics and history fans. Ancestry DNA promises to offer up to six generations of genetic data, about any given individual’s family. Whilst 23&Me looks at the likelihood a person has of developing a particular disease.  One of the newer additions to the crowd is Vitagene. Unlike other tests on the market, Vitagene recommends health supplements based a person’s DNA and lifestyle.


What can I expect?

Vitagene tests are available at Euromed Clinic Dubai in the UAE (they can also be ordered online, but currently only deliver within the US). At the Dubai clinic resident specialist Dr Hoda provides a consultation before the testing. The appointment covers basic expectations regarding the test and a discussion of what changes you are interested in making in terms of your diet and exercise routine. Following the consultation, a nurse from the clinic will take a swab from the back of your mouth. You then have 10-15 minutes to complete a brief lifestyle form which is submitted alongside the DNA sample. The sample will be submitted to Vitagene headquarters in the US, with a results report being sent back in approximately 6-8 weeks.


What’s in the report?

Users can expect a detailed 52-page report, which offers advice across a range of different health and fitness-related areas. The introductory pages give an overview of your ancestral past, and provide a genetic world map of which countries your individual DNA comes from. This is followed by a gene-by-gene breakdown of your DNA, diet and exercise advice. The report covers areas such as: obesity risk, fat, sodium levels, cholesterol, triglyceride metabolism, how you metabolise different substances, emotional eating (yes – according to Vitagene, it can be genetic!), whether you are predisposition to endurance or power exercise, amongst a number of other areas. The report suggests which nutrients you may be deficient in and others that you may have too much of (there’s a test specific to vitamin B12, for example). The final section of the report offers supplement and exercise  recommendations based on your test results.


Details: the test is available for adults-only at Euromed Clinic Dubai. For more information on the supplement tests visit Vitagene. If you enjoyed this article, you may like this story on ways to combat childhood obesity in Dubai. 

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