The babies doing yoga

Although babies doing yoga might possibly be one of the cutest things Mother, Baby and Child has seen, there’s also plenty of other benefits for you and your baby. Livia Anzaldo, CEO and founder of Yoga Retreats in Dubai explains…
baby yoga dubai

Where did the idea behind baby yoga come from?

Babies experience being rocked by their mothers throughout pregnancy. After birth, gentle movement and touch are the basis of synaesthesia – the integration of sensory experience, which is the way babies unify their sensory experiences in general through an emotional interaction with their parents.

What are the physical benefits of baby yoga?

• Baby yoga promotes more and better sleep.
• Regular movement promotes more ‘settled’ behaviour with less extreme ups and downs.
• In one short daily session, babies receive essential physical activity, as much as if they were engaged for a few hours.

Can yoga have any effect on baby’s development?

• It helps to stimulate the baby’s the digestive and nervous systems.
• Baby yoga keeps babies content between feeds and helps alleviate wind and colic.
• It reduces babies’ frustration in the transition from one developmental stage to another.
• Tactile stimulation has been shown to contribute to the development of the brain and the nervous system.

What about the psychological aspect?

• Baby yoga helps the parent and baby to bond through physical activity.
• New challenges are introduced at a pace that helps stimulate babies, allowing them to absorb and increase their ability to cope well with new stimulus and situations.
• Active interaction with parents is the foundation for future positive social relations during the early years and beyond.
• Joint relaxation is mutually beneficial for parents and babies and enhances non-verbal communication between them.

Details: For more on ‘Mum and Baby Yoga’ or ‘Mummylates’ (Mum & Baby Pilates) in Dubai, head over to Yoga Retreats.

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