Mums answer: What was the hardest part of your pregnancy?

Mother, Baby & Child asked our social media followers what they found difficult when they were pregnant, these were their answers:

difficult pregnancy Dubai

1. “Being unable to put shoes on myself!” – Ashita, 39, Sharjah

2. “Constantly thinking of your baby’s health. I remember panicking almost all day, every day in the first trimester, thinking: ‘Is my baby alive? Is my baby okay?’ I used to count down the seconds to go and hear his heartbeat and end up being relieved. It was so worrying before he started kicking. Our constant worry as Mums, I think, is our child’s wellbeing which explains the constant worry throughout pregnancy.”- Afnan, 25, Dubai

3. “With my girl- the hormones, I was irrationally crying over nothing then laughing as I knew it was ridiculous then crying again. My whole body including my emotions were taken over by the pregnancy. With my boy- heartburn, back ache, swollen feet.” – Lucy, 31, Dubai

4. “24/7 acid reflux and frequent heartburn!” – Bekah, 27, Dubai

5. One word – sciatica – OUCH! – Karen, 39, Abu Dhabi

6. “Getting gestational diabetes and having to control my diet for 9 months. I couldn’t eat what I wanted.” – Gail, 31, Dubai

7. “Nausea, vomiting, heartburn, leg ache, sleeplessness and I didn’t have any extra shiny hair that everyone spoke about.” – Neha, 35, dubai

8. “My heightened sense of smell during the first 12 weeks of my 3rd pregnancy, which made me feel very nauseous” – Nicola, 40 , Dubai

9. “Being pregnant while having a 6 months old baby and having to have bed rest due to a low placenta and bleeding it was so hard to deal with. I had gestational diabetes too, so I could not eat what I was craving.” – Dina , 34, Dubai

10. “My (ex) husband had temperament issues which caused too much stress which let to low water levels and premature delivery. For my second pregnancy, the same thing happened, but I am blessed with two beautiful daughters.” – Sania, 29, Dubai

11. “Losing my father and grandmother during my pregnancy and knowing that they wouldn’t be there to celebrate and welcome my baby girl into the world.” – Donne, 26, Dubai

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