Three signs it’s time to wean your baby

Wean your baby

A baby is fully weaned when they’ve stopped breastfeeding and have moved on to eating other foods. It can be difficult however, knowing when it’s the right time to begin weaning for both you and your child. Mother, Baby and Child look at how to tell if it’s time to wean your baby

  1. Experts recommend that babies only have breast milk until the age of six months, and then have a mixture of solids and breast milk from the age of six months until they are one year old.
  2. Some people recommend baby-led weaning, where you wean your baby depending on how interested they are in breastmilk. Some babies become less interested as they start to consume other baby foods (around 4-6 months), whilst others become less interested around the 1 year mark, when they begin to learn to feed themselves.
  3. Sometimes external factors, like coming to the end of maternity leave and the push to return to work that may influence your decision to begin to wean your baby. In this instance, it’s best to wean your baby gradually. Allow plenty of time to move from your baby only having breastmilk to having alternate food sources, whether it’s formula milk or solid baby food.

For more information on weaning, read this medical advice on how to wean your baby.

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