Courtyard Playhouse Dubai: new improvised kids’ storytime

Courtyard Playhouse Dubai is launching a new improvised kids storytime this Friday. Bring your budding Kate Winslets and Brad Pitts to join in with a fun, creative workshop, followed by a performance of their improvised play.

Courtyard Playhouse Dubai

Aimed at 4-11 year-olds, children have the opportunity to try out all roles within the theatre, from acting to assisting backstage and creating a script.

Courtyard Playhouse Dubai: this weekend’s storytime

This Friday, the improvised play will be based on the characters of the mad scientist “Dr Rubbish” and her comical assistant “Igor”. They travel to different worlds, and with fantastical inventions (such as Dr Rubbish’s shrinking machine and giant cubes of ice).

Children make up the rest of the story through suggestions and ideas – meaning that every storytime will be a unique experience!

Aside from the workshop this weekend, Courtyard Playhouse Dubai is planning to further improvisation mornings in November.

Details: The first workshop takes place this Friday, 27th October at 11.30am. To register as a member, and for information, visit Courtyard Playhouse Dubai. If you enjoyed this article, you may like this article on Goldilocks at Madinat Jumeirah theatre.

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