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We talk exclusively to Amy Lenton from Kings’ School Al Barsha

Amy Lenton from Kings’ School Al Barsha discusses her favourite things about working as a teacher, and the challenges faced by students

Amy Lenton

Why and how did you get into teaching?

This was when I began teaching swimming to people with a range of ages and abilities from toddlers through to adults. It was here that I felt the buzz when helping a child achieve something they couldn’t previously do, and seeing them improve each week.

It is a very special feeling knowing that when a child moves up to the next year, they have learned something about themselves and the world because of the year they spent with you.

What is exciting about your role?

You are seeing the world through young eyes – both the laughter and the light bulb moments. The moment when a child understands, when that look of realisation that they have cracked something dawns on their face. This is incredibly exciting because they now believe that they can do it.

What is challenging about your role?

Challenges are always there, but if you care and demonstrate your passion it usually works out. If you keep your head high and a positive mindset whilst juggling different tasks, the children will continue to enjoy learning and continue to develop day by day. This makes every challenge worth it.

What has been your greatest achievement over the course of your career?

This is leading a brilliant team of six classes at Kings’ Al Barsha. My team and I work together to create exciting learning opportunities and share a palpable enthusiasm for learning every day. I love following an idea through and, along with my team, we come up with as many ideas as possible to drive the learning forward and make each term different and constantly exciting.

How do you get students interested in the subject you teach – have you found an innovative way to engage students?

I think learning should be purposeful, fun and engaging for children of all ages. I strive to provide varied and exciting lessons in my classroom that allow children to relate to learning and link their thinking to the outside world. Enthusiasm and passion also go a long way in engaging children.

Details: for more information, visit Kings’ School Al Barsha. If you enjoyed this article, you may like this story on Kings’ School Al Barsha’s GCSE results.

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