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Babilou Dubai: The educational benefits of nursery care for the under-twos

The centre director at Babilou Dubai, Marta Kazmi discusses the benefits of nursery care for the under-twos

Babilou Dubai

We all know, that prior to starting “big” school, preschoolers benefit from going to the nursery school. Teachers not only engage with children on an academic level but also prepare them to face the transition to full-time education. Blossom by Babilou Early Years Education Group, make sure that your child flourishes into a resilient and emotionally equipped toddler. Not to mention, children also gain the benefit of the social interaction with classmates and teaching staff. But what about the babies and toddlers? What are the benefits for children below the age of two-years-old?

Dubai parents face different challenges than parents everywhere else in the world. For the majority of us here in the UAE, the childcare options for children below the age of two are either paid help at home or a nursery, all coming with benefits and downfalls.

While at home, the comfort of a nanny always being there whether the child is healthy or sick sounds like a reasonable option, however many parents opt for nursery care as they hope for a more educated, professional approach towards their little ones’ development.

Nowadays, parents look into the benefits of the nursery care beyond the feeding, toilet-training and playing. In all Babilou centres, we are able to register a baby from the age of two months. In Babilou Design District, the babies don’t stay in the classroom – they have their own suite! Large soft play area with plenty of light gives babies a plenty of room to move safely around and play with sensory toys. There’s also a separate sleeping room which is dark and quiet and each baby has their own cot. A trained professional is also with the babies in the sleeping room at all times.

Babies have their own bathroom equipped with two nappy changing stations and a large deep sink with a place to sit to have a quick wash if needed.

Separately, there’s a cosy “breastfeeding room”, which offers a private place for mothers to come and feed their infants in comfort. The room offers a separate fridge for breast milk along with a bottle preparation area.

The beautiful baby suite is just the tip of the iceberg. The real benefits are the constant stimulation and support of our educators in reaching baby’s milestones every day. We at Babilou know how hard it is to separate a new mother from her little bundle and we offer constant emotional support. Mothers are able to come and visit us at any time of the day. We adjust the baby’s schedule to suit the mother and follow the parent’s specific guide to fit all needs of the baby.

All babies are involved in circle time, singing and puppet shows. Older babies get their hands (and often other parts of their bodies) dirty during messy play, painting and different sensory stimulating activities. While the caregiver at home is often distracted by other chores, babies at Babilou have someone’s attention at all times.

As babies graduate and go into a toddler’s room, educators help with synchronizing their schedule from random naps and feeding times to an easier to follow a routine. The toddlers are challenged by the educators to reach the milestones in communication, physical, social and emotional development while introducing them to maths, science and literacy concepts. Sensory play has been proven to have many benefits for children’s brain development. Small world play areas and role play fun are just another benefit of graduating into the toddler class! There’s a range of natural materials, books, musical instruments or art supplies fill the academic time. Toddlers get plenty of fresh air in our brand new outdoor area, filled with bikes, pull toys, garden, water tables, mud kitchen, climbing equipment and sand area. And did we mention water play?

All of the daily activities are recorded and posted on the nursery app. At the end of each week parents take home the “Smartbook” where their child’s assessment, artwork and other information is added. Parents of babies and toddlers receive a diary upon joining, where the child’s daily routine is noted.

Babies and toddlers are not the only ones who benefit from the nursery. There are multiple benefits for mothers too. Whether the mum is working or staying at home, the flexible schedule and different plans offer something for all. Mothers gain some free time to become “themselves” again, which helps build independence and self-esteem after spending time at home with a baby. Babilou offers free workshops and talks by different speakers and a chance to meet with other mums. Babilou staff always offers a help and advice if needed. In Design District working mums gain the benefit to have their babies and toddlers close by.

Whether you are a working mother or you are a stay-at-home mum considering the option of having your child in professional daycare, my advice is to ask as many questions as possible and to seek advice, our staff at Babilou will always be happy to answer your questions and provide help.

Details: for more information about the new Babilou nursery in Design District, email the nursery’s centre director, Marta Kazmi: Marta.kazmi@babiloueducation.com for more information about the nursery, visit Babilou Dubai. If you enjoyed this article you may like this story on how to deal with a fussy eater.

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