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The Founders of Allen & Jain Education Concierge discuss how their service preps children for an education at top international universities

It is never too early to start planning your child’s education, to ensure that they are stretched from a young age in different ways to maximise their potential. If you are looking to hire a credible tutor, extra coaching for your child, or an organisation that can assist with your child’s academic requirements, Allen & Jain Education Concierge, is one to look towards.


What is Allen & Jain Education Concierge?

Allen & Jain (A&J) is the world’s first ‘Education Concierge’ focused on providing bespoke solutions to private clients for their educational needs. Importantly, we are more than just a consultancy because every single client has a dedicated account manager that they can call – with guaranteed response times – and we arrange whatever they may require in education at short notice. This includes anything from sourcing tutors to teach your children on your yacht, all the way to designing tailored enrichment programmes that range from helping clients found charitable initiatives, to providing them with the opportunity to have mentorship programmes under Harvard Professors.


What services do you offer?

We offer three primary services: consulting, tutoring and profile-building: Consulting is our catch-all term for guiding our clients through every stage of their educational needs. No matter how early they begin their journey with us, the first step is always a comprehensive assessment, on multiple metrics, of a client’s abilities and characteristics. From there, we sit down with families and discuss their ultimate goals, followed by deriving a strategy with milestones along the way to ensure that we are on the right path to being able to achieve their dreams, be it entry to a school such as Eton or a university such as Stanford – or even both down the years. Every client is assigned an account manager and both parents and children have access to them to be able to answer questions and arrange needs at short notice. This manager – assisted by senior consultants and the partners – will then move towards implementing the strategy designed in the initial collaborative process, be it sourcing tutors, providing administrative support with form-filling and registrations etc. all the way to more bespoke requests such as arranging private tours of institutions with senior members of faculty.

Tutoring is self-explanatory, but a key part of ensuring that our clients have the academic support they need to excel both in and beyond their school curricula. All our tutors are hand-picked with extensive experience in their particular areas of specialty and then in-house trained to ensure consistency with the wider framework that we build together with clients. All our tutors work with proprietary materials and provide regular reports back to clients, to ensure that academic milestones are being met.

Profile-building is where we take the traditional concept of an education consultant to the next level. In response to an increasingly competitive world, where the average candidate applying to top schools and universities possess ever-impressive profiles, we are here to ensure that our clients can still maintain a competitive edge so that they are compelling candidates even amongst elite competition from all around the world. This process can happen for all ages and is truly bespoke. We have sent nine-year- olds on a specially designed leadership and resilience training course in the Pyrenees in France, led by former SAS officers; we have helped clients conduct research on the Antarctic peninsula, working in tandem with scientists from various bases there; we have helped our clients found charities, small businesses and even publish academic articles in peer-reviewed journals before they reach university. Most things are possible, and we are here to enable them for clients.


Since the company is based in the UK, how can expat parents living in the UAE benefit from your services?

Many expat parents want their children to study abroad in the UK, USA, Canada or Switzerland, etc. which we have extensive experience with, as well as associates on the ground who can immediately facilitate client needs. If they wish to aim for the top schools and universities in the world, then we are perfectly placed to help them.

As a luxury service, we are also happy to operate in the UAE to meet clients and discuss their needs in person. We can provide residential tutoring services and also arrange enrichment programmes if necessary. We actually already work in the Gulf, with clients in the UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. Choosing The Education Concierge means you will get unique experiences, opportunities and individuals that cannot be replicated elsewhere, ranging from Nobel laureates to industry and thought leaders that provide our clients access with the very best that the world has to offer. We are a global offering, not just for the UK.


Why do parents need an Education Concierge service?

With our model, our clients – often very busy people – can be as involved or not as they want, as we are always on-hand to implement our mutually agreed strategy or special requests at short notice, without being invasive on principal’s lives. We can provide support and access to unique opportunities that build our clients into truly compelling candidates, so that they can earn admission into the world’s most prestigious learning institutions. This is becoming ever more difficult as application processes are becoming more byzantine and competitive, and we are here to ensure that every step of the way is completed in an optimised manner.


Do you have any tips for parents of toddlers?

First off, it is never too early to think about securing the basics which will serve as
a foundation for any further learning. The key, at a very young age, is to encourage children to develop an innate intellectual curiosity, so that rather than shying away from reading or maths/logic puzzles, etc. they engage and try to rise to the challenge. This will ensure that learning is truly enjoyable rather than being an uphill battle as they grow older. Our second tip is to never patronise children. Children are often cleverer than we give them credit for and will often realise when decisions made by adults concerning them are arbitrary. Always try to make sure that thought-processes are explained to them and encourage open communication, so that as children grow up, they learn to respect your authority willingly.


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