How to help your child settle in at nursery in Dubai

Nursery in Dubai: Teachers play an important role in the lives of children – helping them understand the world around them, while instilling in them a desire to learn, argues Monica Valrani, CEO of Ladybird Nursery in Dubai.

nursery in Dubai

Toddlers tend to form strong attachments to their teachers, and it is through them that children take their first steps into a future of learning.

Nursery teachers are also responsible for creating a sense of excitement about learning, which helps students look forward to their classes.

Apart from the teachers and the impact they have on the children, nursery school is often where first friendships are formed, and vital communications and interactions take place as a result of teachers creating an open environment for students.

Parents can help make the transition to the first nursery smoother, and ensure that their kids warm up to their teachers in a number of ways:

Before starting nursery, parents can inform teachers of their child’s personality and of knowledge regarding their specific learning styles

Ask their children how classes are going, which also shows an interest in a child’s activities and progress, thereby encouraging retention of information

When meeting teachers, parents can ask for tips to reinforce the taught skills, behaviour and knowledge, at home so that a child learns consistency and routine

Teachers should be celebrated and acknowledged for the impact they have on a child’s life during some of their most important development years.

The importance of the role played by teachers can never be overemphasized, as they are the key instrument in building a sound base to support all the knowledge a child absorbs over the years. Skills and behaviourisms that children learn from their teachers in early years, will most likely stick with them for the rest of their lives, therefore being a good role model is the most important job a teacher can have.

Details: For more information about Monica Valrani and the nursery, visit Ladybird Nursery in Dubai.  If you enjoyed this article, you may like this story on this Legoland Dubai family deal.

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