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Top tips: easy ways to makeover your child’s room

The expert team at Home Centre Dubai offer their top tips on how to makeover your toddler’s room this summer

If you are already thinking about what to do with your child this summer, this is the perfect time to re-do your child’s bedroom to create the ideal indoor space where they can expend their energy during the hot summer months.

Creative play, activities and experiences which stimulate a child’s imagination play a key role in toddlers’ learning and development. By utilising space within your home, you can quickly create an environment which encourages your toddler to stretch their creative skills and expand their imagination.

Play beds are a simple way to add a playful element to your child’s room. Updating or introducing a themed play bed into the room encourages your little ones to start engaging their mind and their creative skills.

Home Centre’s ‘Sammy Hut Bedroom’ is one option which features a compact and minimal bed design which still leaves ample opportunity for role play. The simple house shaped frame can become anything from a princess castle to a fire station or even an animal Zoo by using a little imagination. With our new play bed assortment such a Kendall tree house, Kidit Jeep, and Kidit Dollhouse there are many options to suit your budget and taste.

While your little ones are confined indoors, it’s essential to create a play space to call their own. Home Centre’s house-inspired bunk bed is another excellent design which comes with a slide that is securely built and designed with fun in mind. This bed allows them to play freely and exert pent-up energy in the comfort of their own home.

By creating different play areas and learning zones in the bedroom you can make sure your child is happy and can keep busy over the summer months. Adding a small table and chair like the ‘Blake Chair’ creates a space for more focused activities like drawing, colouring and crafting. Introduce an area for reading books, playing on the iPad or just relaxing by using the ‘Noah Tee Pee’ or the ‘Fiona Princess Canopy’, throw in lots of scatter cushions and soft toys for the perfect den or hiding place.

A few other Home Centre elements that you can add into your toddler’s room, while embracing their emerging desire to learn and explore include our indoor hammock, the Julia play kitchen as well as our extensive assortment of quality wooden toys. Whatever your budget, you can quickly do or re-do the perfect play space for your toddler this summer.

Details: for more information visit Home Centre Dubai. If you enjoyed this article, you may like this story on dealing with a fussy eater.

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