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Why you need to pack these water-based wipes when travelling with kids

Is your baby suffering from dry and rough skin?

With the summer heat, children’s skin becomes even more sensitive, making it prone to irritation and discomfort. Fluctuations in temperature coupled with a number of changes of clothes can make a baby’s skin condition more vulnerable to rashes, dryness and eczema.

And after a summer of travelling, dermatologists have long warned about the harmful side effects on the skin due to being confined in airplane environments. The skin is usually at rest when the humidity in the air is between 40 and 70 per cent. In airplane cabins, the environment is moisture-free, which entails air drawing moisture from different areas, including the skin. As the humidity drops down to around 20 per cent in such an environment, regular skin in adults immediately turns dry and flaky. For babies, for whom skin is even more sensitive and five times thinner than adults, the cabin’s dryness can have detrimental effects that need to be tackled head on.

Babies’ skin absorbs substances a lot more rapidly than adults while reacting a lot more sensitively. With fewer elastic fibres, their skin acts like a sieve, allowing more harmful substances to pass through than adult skin, which calls for extra care in terms of products used and skin exposure. Water-based baby wipes can help to work as a barrier blocking out any harmful effects on baby’s skin.

WaterWipes, Ireland- based provider of the water-based baby wipes, hold a number of benefits to help all travelling mothers manoeuvre around harmful substances and conditions on their baby’s skin. These benefits include removing irritants that can be caused when applying heavy creams or using harsh chemicals or soap, while helping to restore the skin’s natural healthy balance. They are also crucial for quick, on-the-move clean-ups while maintaining children’s hygiene, from top to toe.

WaterWipes, which contain 99.9% water and a drop of grapefruit seed extract, are vital in avoiding extreme dryness in children’s skin, which is caused by a loss of skin moisture, and leads to cracking and peeling of the epidermis. It also allows steering clear from evident dry skin symptoms, including roughness and scaly texture of the skin, dry red patches, and deep cracks on the skin.

Details: Find out more on @WaterWipesMiddleEast.

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